Alex Smoke

Schatrax is Josh Brent. Mispent Years was originally released in the early nineties on the Schatrax label and is regarded as a classic. With it's deep pads and hypnotic groove - a true Sub Club favourite that always fills the dancefloor. This is the first single that Soma has ever licensed in so you know it has got to be something special.

For this release the original has been remastered and cut extra loud. Soma’s disco tag team Silicone Soul and Funk D’Void instantly volunteered their remix services as the track is a personal favourite. Silicone Soul pull out the stops and deliver a fantastic mix which remains true to the original while injecting their trademark soul and razor sharp beats.

Next up Funk D’Void excels with an epic interpretation that is simply outstanding.

On the other twelve we have included the seminal original with an all-new mix from Schatrax’s Josh Brent. Here Josh has come up with a broken beat version that gives the track a whole new life.

The final mix is a beatless version of Funk’s masterpiece. This is a very special release for us and we hope you think so too.

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