Soma Sample Pack - Essential Techno Vol. 1

Friday, 5th July 2024

We are proud to present the latest Soma Sample Pack, ‘Essential Techno Vol. 1,’ crafted by Italian maestro SLV. Within the pack you will find an exceptional collection of carefully crafted sounds and loops designed to elevate your productions. Whether you're just starting out as a producer or are a seasoned techno veteran looking to gain that extra edge, this sample pack is just what you need!

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Soma Neu Vol. 1

Friday, 14th June 2024

Soma kicks off a new series focusing on upfront techno with SOMA NEU. Set in alignment with Soma's founding ethos of quality electronic music, each part of the series is meticulously curated and aims to direct the uncompromising vision of the label, directly to the dance floor. Featuring a lineup of modern and emerging artists, SOMA NEU pays homage to the roots and raw energy of authentic techno and demonstrates its ongoing evolution. Vol. 1 packs in 11 tracks from new and past label affiliates, spanning dubbed out minimalism to deep atmospheric techno and beyond.

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Skjold - Elliptical EP

Friday, 31st May 2024

Soma welcome another special label debut this time from the talented producer Skjöld. After impressing with his contribution to Slam’s ‘Exhibit’ series with a singular track, Skjöld drops 4 uniquely deep and minimalistic tracks with the 'Elliptical' EP. Keeping the project under a veil of anonymity, preferring to let the music do the talking, Skjöld is able to delve deep into space like atmospherics and deep, trippy rhythms.

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Slam Exhibit Vinyl

Friday, 24th May 2024

A special limited vinyl release collating Slam's original 'Exhibit' tracks plus an excellent remix of their 'Exhibit 1' track from BØHM & The Unborn Child, the winners of the recent remix competition.

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Julieta Kopp - Psychophony

Monday, 20th May 2024

Soma are proud to welcome a very special label debut from Argentinian producer Julieta Kopp. After appearing on the 'Exhibit 3' VA with the spectacular ‘No Place To Go,' which was supported by the likes of DVS1, Ben Sims and DJ Bone, Julieta delivers her first full EP titled 'Psychophony,' proving why she is among the emerging talents coming out from South America

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Slam - Wave Expansions EP

Friday, 3rd May 2024

Glaswegian Techno pioneers Slam return to home label Soma in overwhelmingly top form with their first full release of 2024, with the hypnotising 'Wave Expansions' EP.  Fresh off the back of their wildly acclaimed 'Exhibit' VA series, the duo deliver another masterfully produced four-track EP that showcases their signature style.

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Exhibit Remixes

Friday, 12th April 2024

A special release featuring the winners of the recent remix competition by Slam for the 'Exhibit' series. Four high-quality interpretations of Slam's hypnotic 'Exhibit 1' come courtesy of BÖHM & The Unborn Child, Lezther, LUMERTZ and Franco Rossi.

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ANNE - Moon Lander EP

Friday, 5th April 2024

Fast rising techno star ANNE returns to Soma with another astounding release - the Moon Lander EP. Marking her 3rd full release with the label, ANNE once again delves into deep, grooving techno with her now signature sound design. Title track Moon Lander opens with a serious intent. Playful stabs glides across carefully constructed percussive elements that keep the pace fast and sharp. Fieldstone hits with a more hypnotic, space like vibe but still retains ANNE's unique drive. More clinical sound design is at the forefront of St. Strings with expertly controlled drums driving the rhythm as slowly evolving atmospheres and stabs deliver the attitude. The more jacking Rootstock is up next, pushing hard on the 909 workouts against dubbed out synths and trippy, intense synths elements. *Bandcamp exclusive Magnets closes out the release with a more dirty, and abrasive sound.

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Dave Wincent - New Weapons

Friday, 22nd March 2024

Hungarian producer Dave Wincent is back on Soma with his trademark sound, delivering a captivating 4-track EP titled 'New Weapons.' His brand of minimalist yet tough techno has become a firm favourite at Soma HQ and this second full outing on the label packs no less of a punch.

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Slam Presents Exhibit 3

Friday, 8th March 2024

Soma proudly presents the third edition of Slam's 'Exhibit' series which aims to spotlight some of the duo's favourite emerging artists in the more deeper, hypnotic end of the Techno spectrum.

For the third instalment we are thrilled to welcome a global roster of artists consisting of Fixeer, ANNĒ, Julieta Kopp, EJA, Essentia, Skjöld, Yrsen and End Train.

Mastered By Conor Dalton @ Glowcast Mastering.

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Planet Reborn VA

Friday, 1st March 2024

Continuing its journey into the unknown, Avoidant Records makes a return with another massive compilation ‘Planet Reborn.’ The 17-track release features mesmerising, cutting-edge futuristic music from producers across the globe, including renowned artists Bloody Mary, DJ T-1000 and Kerrie, to returning artists such as SOD-90 and EKATA, as well as exciting newcomers ELEKTROTECHNIK, Berwick, Sophie Forrest and many more.

The final entry is the ‘Planetary’ series from displays a full circle evolution of sounds - it’s humble beginning have developed into a carefully curated project that has allowed new talent to blossom alongside more seasoned names with the Electro scene. Notable names such as DJ T-1000, with the Detroit flavoured ‘Three One Three’, sits atop the modern sounds of Mechanoreceptor, R.M.K & NiKiT. The eerie, robotic ‘Parasit’ from ELEKTROTECHNIK signals a darker turn. This leads nicely into the twisted ‘Odyssey’ from Atix and continues with the anthemic ’Synchrophasatron’ from Confluence. Another change up comes from Bloody Mary’s ‘Surrender’ & exciting newcomer Kerrie’s “Systematique Intellijent”. Avoidant family members SOD-90 & EKATA make a welcome return place perfectly between the newer faces of Berwick, Lord Jalapeños, Sophie Forrest & DJ Astrobee - all who offer uniquely shaped tracks perfectly in line with the Avoidant ethos. The back end of the VA is expertly rounded off by Scottish local manu__acturer, who drops the industrial breaks tinged, ‘Breaker’ before ELECTROTECHNIK's second offering, ‘Die Maschine’ closes out in epic, film-score style fashion.

Mastered by Conor Dalton @ Glowcast Mastering

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Diego Oroquieta - Vaguada Costera

Friday, 26th January 2024

Our first release of 2024 drops today in the form of a brand new 4-track EP by Diego Oroquieta. This comes off the back of his contribution to the Exhibit 2 VA last year with the spectacular ‘Friccion Corporal.’ With this new ‘Vaguada Costera’ EP, the Chilean rising star has crafted 4 excellent tracks that showcase his signature, dark and hypnotic techno sound throughout.

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Soma Sample Pack XL - Raw / Deep Techno Vol 3

Friday, 15th December 2023

Soma's sonic wizard SLV returns with another dynamic sample pack, this time turning up the heat with a special XL version of the ‘Raw/Deep Techno’ series. As usual, SLV packs in one shots & loops from Kicks, Synths and percussion, to Top/Sequenced Loops & Atmospheres + MIDI files where applicable. The pack has been produced and processed through a variety of SLV's high quality analogue equipment, making this an invaluable tool for those seeking to improve their rhythm.

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Collective Process Vol. 10

Friday, 24th November 2023

The Collective Process series reaches double figures as Soma releases the 10th iteration of the specially curated VA compilation. With a view to focusing on the varied sounds techno has to offer, the series strives to match upcoming talent with those from the wider techno community. This ethos is no more prevalent than on this 10th part, with tracks from Aida Arko, Farnaz, Fixon & Pushmann as well as Philippe Petit.

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Slam Presents Exhibit 2

Friday, 10th November 2023

Soma proudly presents Vol. 2 of Slam's "Exhibit" series which aims to spotlight some of the duo's favourite emerging artists in the more deeper, hypnotic end of the Techno spectrum.

For the second instalment we are thrilled to welcome Diego Oroquieta, Klint, Michel Lauriola, Paula Koski, Isabel Soto, Oliver Rosemann, Eissel and Ther3min.

Mastered By Conor Dalton @ Glowcast Mastering.

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Milo Raad - Hidden Agenda EP

Friday, 27th October 2023

Serbian based producer Milo Raad returns to Soma for his second full release with the label, the ‘Hidden Agenda EP’. Armed with his distinctive sound, Milo has crafted an excellent 4 track EP that weaves a crafty sonic tapestry which continues to develop his unque take on techno further. Raad has worked tirelessly to hone his sound to perfection and with this latest release on Soma, his typical rolling percussion is in full effect throughout. Raad subtly builds layers of rhythms against a constantly evolving and otherworldly backdrop of atmospheres, creating dense yet effective hypnotic techno.

Mastered by Conor Dalton @ Glowcast Mastering.

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Arnaud Le Texier - Baryon EP

Friday, 13th October 2023

Long time Soma affiliate Arnaud Le Texier returns with his brand new release, the Baryon EP. The French born, London based producer excels in deep, tunnelling techno and once again delivers a solid pack of dance floor aimed weapons, crafted with precision.

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Collective Process Vol. 9

Friday, 29th September 2023

Collective Process returns for Vol 9 of the series, once again bringing together a selection of new and exciting techno artists from across the world to showcase their unique stylings.

Tunisian based BENKHLIFA opens up the EP with a sturdy and fast paced affair before UK duo Mist Gasp delve deep with their signature hypnotics. Legendary German producer Oliver Deutschamnn makes a welcome return to Soma after many years with the funked up Sonntags im Studio before Berlin based End Train delivers the stripped and moody Capacity as the EP ends with Orion's jacked up and hypnotic Hollow Cause.

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Slam Presents Exhibit 1

Friday, 15th September 2023

Slam presents a brand new series of carefully curated VA’s on home label Soma.

Aimed at showcasing exciting, emerging artists "Exhibit" aims to channel techno's fundamental frequencies as Slam seek out the rawer, deeper end of the spectrum with selected artists, focussing on the deeper and hypnotic sound of techno.

Packing in 8 tracks across this first release, Slam open with title track ‘Exhibit 1’ a deep, sub heavy and electrifying roller. Newcomers Mist Gasp are up next with the suitably trippy Final Return followed by the pairing of Confluence & Von Tee Rah who pack in a lot of attitude with Unit 1. Brazilian producer Marcal steps up with the groove laden Tombstone, quickly followed by the fast paced yet minimalistic and melodic Roses 101 from James Bong. Berlin based producer Denise Rabe treads a darker path with the driving Walking On Borders before another Berlin based pairing of Angioma & BLANKA serve up the crafty Tricky Sunday. Closing out the release is Glasgow based producer Tremor who has been making waves in his home city with his on point, minimal sound and his track, A Moment, sums ups his style perfectly.

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SLV - Parallel Shifting EP

Friday, 1st September 2023

Italian techno maestro SLV returns to Soma once again delivering his unique, groove laden sound with the Parallel Shifting EP. A mainstay on Soma for many years now, SLV has not only brought his top quality sound design to multiple releases but has created various sample packs for Soma, easily showing his versatility as a producer. With this latest EP, SLV has crafted a perfectly balanced deep and cerebral take on his usual sound.

Mastered By Conor Dalton @ Glowcast Mastering

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Collective Process 8

Friday, 11th August 2023

Collective Process deliver vol. 8 of the specially curated Various Artist series once again bringing together some of the finest up and coming talent Techno has to offer.

New York based DJ/producer Auspex opens the compilation with the tough yet spacial Sediment that balances driving techno with. Driving and hypnotic elements. Next up, The hard hitting pairing of DolbyD & MarAxe drop Comabt Kalimba that wants no time in upping the pace. Seelen Records head JANEIN drops the deep and trippy Beskar that delivers on high quality sound design and deep end sonics. Another perfect pairing of Elyas & Anta bring the jack with Bipping, a funked up and rhythmic classic techno sound. Ket Robinson debuts his new alias, Rey Brennan to close out Vol. 8 - My Brain Is Mush balances fast paced, carefully crafted rhythmic structures perfectly.

Mastered By Conor Dalton @ Glowcast Mastering.

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Lakej - Field Of Vision

Friday, 4th August 2023

Lakej drops a solid, deep and tripping debut release with Soma with Field Of Vision. Born and raised in the suburbs of Stockholm, Lakej [ Lækeɪ ] emerges from a long heritage of Swedish techno. With a huge love for details and rhythmic structures his music has evolved into an introspective, futuristic and yet timeless sound. With intricate textures, atmospheres and deep driving rhythms his music invites you to be swept away into hypnotic states, both in comfort of your own listening space as well as on the dance floor.

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Gareth Wild - Scavenger's Daughter

Friday, 14th July 2023

FOLD/UNFOLD resident & EarToGround Records owner Gareth Wild marks his first solo release on Soma with the 'Scavenger's Daughter' EP. After impressing with his contribution to the Collective Process VA series in 2021, the London-based producer drops 4 expertly crafted, high-rolling Techno tracks.

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Soma Coma 8

Friday, 7th July 2023

Soma is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of Soma Coma 8, a mesmerising ambient album featuring a diverse collection of talented artists from the Soma roster and beyond. This captivating compilation takes listeners on an ethereal sonic journey, pushing the boundaries of ambient music and immersing them in a world of tranquil soundscapes.

Soma Coma 8 brings together an exceptional lineup of established and emerging artists, each contributing their unique creative flair to the album. This compilation showcases the evolution of ambient music, capturing the essence of introspection. With its carefully curated selection of tracks, Soma Coma 8 embodies the perfect harmony between musical innovation and deep relaxation.

Listeners can expect an auditory feast as Soma Coma 8 weaves together a tapestry of ambient textures, captivating melodies, and dense, atmospheric tones. Each track encapsulates the artist's individuality, transporting the audience to dreamlike landscapes where time seems to stand still. From ambient electronica to organic instrumentations, Soma Coma 8 embraces the rich diversity of the genre, ensuring an immersive and captivating listening experience.

The album features contributions from a stellar lineup of artists, with contributions from label heads Slam, Jonas Kopp, Aida Arko, Petrichor,, KMYLE, Arnuad Le Texier and Island People while additionally, Soma Coma 8 introduces exciting new voices from the roster such as Kairogen, Unperson, and Puddledub (aka Graeme Reedie of Silicone Soul), who contribute their fresh perspectives and innovative approaches.

Soma Records, a respected authority in electronic music for over two decades, is thrilled to continue their tradition of delivering exceptional releases that push artistic boundaries. This latest Soma Coma release exemplifies their commitment to curating groundbreaking music, inviting listeners to delve into a state of tranquility and introspection.

Mastered By Conor Dalton @ Glowcast Mastering.

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Collective Process Vol. 7

Friday, 9th June 2023

Soma's Collective Process VA's reaches Vol. 7 and features rising techno stars Klint & Anthony Doria for a back to back release as they both drops 2 energetic & dance floor orientated, techno weapons.

Klint delivers on slick, minimalistic tracks with ’69 Method’ & ‘Hate Mate’. Pushing the tempo as his stripped yet effective production drives his deep, high energy techno sound. On a heavier tip, Anthony Doria’s ‘One’ & ‘Two’ deliver into darker realms with pounding beats, razor sharp, syncopated synths and plenty of attitude.

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Slam - Activate EP

Friday, 2nd June 2023

Slam continue to evolve their sound as they drop their latest 4 track release, the Activate EP. With the focus firmly rooted in the dance floor, Slam explore deeper and more hypnotic regions on this new EP with a varied selection of raw, driving yet minimalistic techno.

Title track Activate opens with deep, driving, pulsing rhythms and straight forward percussive elements, lead with hypnotic vocal loops. Quantum delves deeper as dubbed out reverb & delay saturates the tripped out acid bass sounds that flicker into existence as stripped yet effective drums create the intensity. Somnambulist continues the stripped back nature of the EP as subtle changes in FX give the track live whilst the swelling percussive elements drive the rhythms. Trsmit offers up a tougher yet still minimalistic approach to close out the EP. An intense and tension building atmosphere is created throughout the track as warping synths swell & filter against a backdrop of sparse yet effective percussion.

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Non Reversible - Resolute EP

Friday, 12th May 2023

Berlin's Non Reversible returns after a short hiatus to make it a hat trick of solo releases with Soma. After taking some time to focus on his sound, the German artist has crafted an excellent, driving and hypnotic release with the Resolute EP.

Title track Resolute opens with a hard beat and clanking, twisted percussive elements that drive the rhythm before Disordine ramps up the intensity with its energetic drums and siren like synths. Plurality keeps the intensity going with high octane energy from the opening as Darshan closes out the EP hypnotic, looping tones delivered and break neck speed.

*Tainted appears as a Bandcamp exclusive

Mastered By Conor Dalton @ Glowcast Mastering.

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Lewis Fautzi - Properties Specifications EP

Friday, 28th April 2023

Portuguese techno figurehead Lewis Fautzi returns to Soma with the Properties Specifications EP. A mainstay on the Soma roster for 10 years, Fautzi has progressed through the global ranks to become one of techno's most recognisable acts. A consistent and competent producer, Fautzi's sound has evolved through the years yet remains modern and as on point as ever.

Density is a visceral yet hypnotic opener, its subtle drive is pushed via its instantly building, electric synth hook. Severity continues down a dark and hypnotic patch as polyrhythmic percussion guides a pulsating and incessant groove. Malleability once again displays Fautzi’s control over specific elements, each grafting over the other to create new depths of rhythm throughout the track. Tension closes out the EP but does so in emphatic form. The most driving track on the release, thumping low end and crisp percussion are backed with twisted synths and dark atmospheres that swell throughout.

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ANNE - Blossom Tool

Friday, 14th April 2023

Soma proudly welcome back Greek up and coming producer ANNE for her second solo release with the label, titled Blossom Tool. Since appearing on a Collective Process VA with Soma, ANNĒ has gone from strength to strength with releases on some coveted imprints and a burgeoning DJ calendar that has taken her across the world. With her new Soma EP, ANNE continues to evolve her uniquely deep and groove focussed approach to techno.

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Soma Sample Pack - Raw / Deep Techno Vol 2

Friday, 7th April 2023

Sample pack maestro SLV returns with vol 2 of his Raw Deep Techno sample pack. A mainstay on the Soma roster for some years, the Italian based producer once again delves into his massive array of analogue hardware to create a unique and extensive sample pack aimed toward the deeper end of techno. All you need from kicks, hats, percussion and synths are included (plus midi files) to help boost your own productions to the next level.

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Dave Wincent - Donor EP

Friday, 31st March 2023

Hungarian based Dave Wincent joins the Soma ranks with his debut release, the Donor EP. After impressing with his contribution to previous Collective Process VAs, he breaks out with a full 4 track release that explores the deeper realms of Techno.

Title track Donor is a space faring deep, dark and twisted affair with edges of industrial energy throughout. Lunatic delivers on tunnelling, hypnotic vibes with warping synths and droning atmospherics. DBLXR is a more direct and percussive affair, once again using industrial elements to push hard. Give Me Your Password closes out the EP on a more energetic note, as rhythmic synths play agains a backdrop of pulsating, swelling pads.

*UFO - Bandcamp exclusive.

Mastered By Conor Dalton @ Glowcast Mastering

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Slam - Disorder EP

Friday, 17th March 2023

Label heads Slam are back with their first release of 2023!

Never ones to stand still, and rest on their laurels, the duo are consistently pushing forward the boundaries beyond what the status quo offers. This new 4 track release has the perfect blend of the energy Slam are known for in their DJ sets, blended with deeper hypnotic elements to create something fresh & new!

The Crossing opens with a driving, tunnelling vibe, powered with jarring, syncopated synths and coarse atmospherics. With more emphasis on rhythmic elements, Covert still hits hard and keeps this pressure up. Depot opens up into more hypnotic sounds as reverberated synths give space and depth throughout the track. Disorder closes out with a dark, twisted side to it as detuned synths lead the charge on this as cutting percussive elements give the track pace.

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Oxygeno - Shocked By Reality

Friday, 24th February 2023

Oxygeno returns to Soma marking his first solo release on the label with Shocked By Reality. After impressing with his contribution to the Collective Process VA series, the young Spanish producer drops 3 expertly crafted sliced and raw, deep yet energetic techno.

Rush Hour opens with driving, siren like synths that pulsate throughout the track creating a dark and sinister tone. Title track Shocked By Reality delves deeper as Oxygeno develops a more tunnelling sound with uniques synths works and deep acid bass. Wrong Way completes the EP with a journey through space as twisted, looped out synths warp reality while more jacked up drums set the pace perfectly.

Mastered By Conor Dalton @ Glowcast Mastering

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Vendex - Chaos Dimensions EP

Friday, 3rd February 2023

The masked techno marauder, Vendex, delivers a suitably punishing debut EP on Soma Records in 2023 drawing upon the Chaos Dimensions themselves to bring forth the doom!

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Lukas & Leo Laker - Secret Society EP

Friday, 13th January 2023

Two legendary figures of the hard techno scene join forces for a debut collaborative project on Soma Records as Lukas & Leo Laker present the Secret Society EP. Both active on the scene since the mid 2000s and with a huge collective discography, this latest EP has the pair firing on all cylinders for a fierce and hard hitting 4 track EP.

Lifting the Veil opens the EP and sets the tone straight away with is fast and furious beats before Rebirth turns in a more clanking, punishing affair with its thunderous kick drums and driving, saturated synths. Rites and Rituals’ dark droning synth hook runs through the body of the track, building in intensity and backed with rolling percussion throughout. Transformation closes out the EP in brutal fashion with it’s schranz-like, hard and distorted percussion leading the charge from the off as industrial elements break up the groove adding their own rhythmical elements.

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Avoidant - Planet Destroyed V/A

Thursday, 5th January 2023

Avoidant Records is back with it's latest and most direct V/A to date - Planet Destroyed. Once again compiling unique artists from across the globe, Avoidant constructs a stellar 17 track line up featuring some of the best in the game alongside up and coming talent from the world of Electro. Since it's inception, Avoidant has firmly focused itself on diverse, uncompromising sonics and this newest compilation once again sets the bar high. Featuring such high rollers as Slam, Marcel Dettmann, Luz1e & Nite Fleit who's contributions all embody the theme of the Planet Destroyed, to the returning artists such as Atix & Terrestrial Access Network as well as exciting newcomers EKATA, SOD-90, Ngoni Egan, Amber Cox + many more - Avoidant once again creates the theme to your dystopian future.

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Slam- Mover EP

Friday, 2nd December 2022

Slam finish off a massive 2022 with their latest release, the Mover EP. Constantly progressing their sound, the duo have crafted 4 heavy duty tracks that straddle varying degrees of techno and once again displays their commitment to their sound.

The pace is set with Mover opening the EP with thundering, unrelenting drums that pause briefly only to unleash another layer of fury with buzzing rave stabs. The driving Signal is up next featuring that classic Slam groove against a backdrop of punishing, looped out beats. Obsidian pushes a more twisted and hypnotic sound with trippy synths layering up against sturdy percussion once again. Grit closes out the EP with crisply produced percussion rattling across alarm like synths delivering on proper peak time madness.

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KMYLE - Sentinel EP

Friday, 25th November 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, French artist KMYLE makes his Soma debut with the Sentinel EP, a multifaceted release that draws upon his years of production experience to deliver a deep, powerful and emotive release.

Title track Sentinel gets the ball rolling with its lush melodic content that evolves gradually, building tension with the perfect use of FX throughout. The darker, melancholic tones of Exode are the perfect follow up. Sweeping, haunting pads form the back bone while stripped percussive elements deliver a solid rhythm. The pace quickens on Remparts but KMYLE still retains his dark and foreboding atmospheres. The most direct track of the EP, driving drums and powerful, emotive synths provide depth in layers. Architectural Source closes out the EP as jacked up drums lead the charge with electrifying synth stabs pushing the rhythm before glistening, ethereal pads delve deep.

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Arnaud Le Texier - Elements EP

Friday, 11th November 2022

Long time Soma affiliate Arnaud Le Texier returns to Soma with his latest bold and electrifying release, the Elements EP. The London based DJ/producer and Children Of Tomorrow label owner has spent years cultivating his unique, trippy and hypnotic sound and this release has him once again displaying his exceptional production skills.

Title track Elements opens with a deep and hypnotic sensibility. Spacious pads glides across a driving beat as more emotive elects drive in gently making this a perfect track to build up the tension with. Polarisation heads down a darker route with more twisted and modulating sequences that pulse across driving percussion. Assign drops a more jacked up beat while remaining on point and true to Le Texier's hypnotic style. Be Gentle keeps up the more aggressive sound from Arnaud as sub heavy beats drive a rattling percussive backbone and alarms like synths.

*Bandcamp Exclusive track Alhagi is a dark twisted and fast paces trip onto the unknown.

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Collective Process Vol.6

Friday, 4th November 2022

Soma's Collective Process VA's reaches Vol. 6 and once again delivers on heavy, rising Techno talent. The monster 6 track release, courtesy of Rudosa, Dave Wincent, X-Tension, Truant.J, Hemissi & Unperson has a diverse mix of styles and has each artist at the top of their game.

UK based, man of many talents, Rudosa, opens the EP with Consumed. A no-nonsense dance floor terror designed for that warehouse, peak time moment. Dave Wincent returns to Soma once again with his deep and trippy sound on Radar II. Another familiar face drops in as German hard techno maestro, X-Tension, drops the rave infected, industrial weapon Schwarmblut. Truant.J makes his Soma debut with the dark and atmospheric Shape of The Morning. Hitting the deeper side of things, Hemmisi once again shines with the minimalistic Sextuple. Closing out the latest Collective Process is the shadowy Unperson with the mysterious figure cutting a fast paced yet emotive piece on Marchand Du Sel.

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Johannes Schuster - Panic EP

Friday, 21st October 2022

Soma welcome Cologne based Dj/Producer Johannes Schuster to the label for his full debut with the Panic EP. After appearing on one of the early Collective Process VA's, the young up and coming artist set about crafting a fully fledged EP for the label. This new 4 track release explores Johannes’ sound in depth and he shows off his many various inspirations, delivering a solid, powerful debut Soma EP.

After the twisted and dark intro of Reflect, Johannes wastes no time is bringing out the big guns with title track Panic. A absolute powerhouse, Panic’s hard hitting, thunderous drums pound out the rhythms as crunching percussive workouts create the drive. Pressure continues in a similar vein with industrial overtones leading to massive, super saw synths that sear through the track. Rush closes out the EP on a bit of a curveball and Johannes drops a crafty and menacing breaks/DnB infused monster!

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Deepchord - Functional Extraits 2

Friday, 14th October 2022

The second additional single from Deepchord’s latest LP, Functional Extraits 2, has the Detroit based dub techno legend drop his unmistakable sound across 4 lush and thought provoking tracks. Set against the backdrop of various city scapes visited over the years, Deepchord transports us to these new realms via the sonic postcards he effortlessly crafts.

The subtle, lofi sounds of Fluorescence glide gently in to existence with the warm fuzz surrounding the track broken gently by soft percussive elements. Glyphs weighs in with more processed elements, a Deepchord signature, blended together perfectly with hypnotic, cerebral delays. Drifting skywards, Orbitals goes stratospheric with deep, glacial pads and swarms of electrostatic percussion in a perfect example of Deepchord’s more organic tracks. Leafiness closes out the EP with a trip into nature as beautifully moulded and processed recordings merge with contemplative synths and the most subtle of kick drums, guiding you to your transcendental destination.

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Deepchord - Functional Designs

Friday, 30th September 2022

Soma proudly presents Functional Designs, the latest collection of nocturnal environments from Deepchord, marking his first full length album release on Soma in 5 years. The enigmatic Detroit based producer once again transports us into his sonic realm via night-walks through numerous cities before being transmuted into aural excellence through field recordings, holographic synth tones, cosmic sounds and the hiss of electric wires. All swimming around in filtered 4/4 beats and subterranean basslines. The album is a perfect example of electroacoustic techno transmitted from undisclosed locations, the amalgamation of swirling tapestries of sound, deeper than night and lifeforms moving around underneath the grid.

The album glistens into existence with the beatless Amber breathing life into the project before the eventide of Darkness Falls offers a beautifully subtle and contemplative atmosphere. The guiding light of Transit Systems continues offers up melancholy with echoing percussion and drifting soundscapes. The highly processed acoustics of Strangers brings a sense of intrigue to the album’s journey as Modell works in the most percussive track so far. Panacast is exotic dub techno at it’s finest, with warping and perfectly crafted synth work building gently over the top of sub heavy beats, glued perfectly together by the hiss of the collected found-sounds. In a slight rise in tempo, Cloudsat, makes a journey skyward, collecting mood and feelings from high altitude with its emotive synth work. The reverberating halls of Pressure again work as a testament to Modell’s sonic crafting - honing in on specific artefacts from his field recordings, imbuing them with deeper purpose. The perfectly titled Ebb and Flow drifts effortlessly on a tide of evolving, blissful sound waves crashing to shore as each one overlaps the other. Beginning the descent into the final part of the album, you begin your ride across a cosmic plain, lit by the glistening and ethereal Sun. The meditative Memories opens a conduit to other realms as the album closes out with the elysian melodies of Drassanes.

Deepchord once again proves he is a producer like no other. A true sonic sculptor who uses his real world experience to create vast, unparalleled soundscapes that captivate and enthral the listener.

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ANNE - 1990

Friday, 23rd September 2022

Rising Greek techno star ANNE makes her full debut on Soma with her brand new EP, 1990. After appearing on a previous instalment of the Collection Process VA's, ANNĒ drops a proper deep and driving 4 track release to cement her place within Soma Records.

Title track 1990 opens with tough, rolling beats and continues to gallop with an infectious groove and thrashing percussion. Wake Up And Dance is a carefully processed track where each element compliments the other, consolidating in yet another driving and perfectly layered track. On a more hypnotic tip, Keep An Eye On Me uses looped out synths that ebb and flow throughout backed by ANNE’s hi intensity drum workouts. Sirens closes out the EP on spectacular form and once again, mesmerising synth hooks drive from the start, layering up perfectly as the track progresses to create a proper dance floor burner.

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Avoidant - Helsmoortel - Belgica EP

Monday, 19th September 2022

Belgium's Helsmoortel makes a welcome return to Avoidant with his brand new release, the Belgica EP. With previous tracks featuring on the Distortion Strategy + Dark Planet VAs, the up and coming producer steps out on his own for his first full EP on the label.

The raw power of RTT opens the EP as razor sharp synths buzz across an electrified percussive workout. Etiz warps reality around it with twisting, funked out synths fizzling over a straight up, robotic beat. The darker, malevolent tones of Engie bring an air of foreboding with deep, sweeping pads transporting you to otherworldly landscapes. Motions closes out the EP on a more retro tip whilst retaining Helsmoortel’s unique and expertly crafted sound design as snapping snares drive across a sea of emotive melodies, craftily chopped vocals and proper machine funk beats.

Mastered By Conor Dalton @ Glowcast Mastering

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Deepchord - Functional Extraits 1

Friday, 2nd September 2022

Detroit's deep techno master, Deepchord, makes a more than welcome return to Soma after 5 years. With a brand new album dropping, Rod Modell delves deep into his ethereal sonic world to bring you 'Functional Extraits 1'. The first single to be taken from the forthcoming album. Built in a way that only Deepchord can, he transports you to different realms with lush soundscapes and perfectly processed electro-acoustics giving you an insight to the mind of the unique artist.

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Slam - Transcript EP

Friday, 19th August 2022

Slam are on fire with 3 hard hitting tracks on the Transcript EP !

Soma label heads Slam drop their second EP of 2022, the Transcript EP. Continuing with their own brand of hi octane techno, the Glasgow duo ramp up the pressure with 3 killer tracks.

Let Go is an insane, rapid, acid techno workout complete with thundering percussion and a driving, relentless vibe. Title track Transcript is a perfect, heads down, dance floor burner with a retro heart. Unity closes out the EP with hypnotic vocals, looped out synths and a classic early-naughties hard groove beat.

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Rebekah x X-Tension - Rancor EP

Friday, 12th August 2022

Long time Soma affiliate, Rebekah, teams up with X-Tension for an absolute riotous collaborative new release, the Rancor EP. An aggressive beast, this newly formed partnership wastes no time in hitting hard with an absolutely monstrous 3 track EP.

Title tracks Rancor is a jarring and driving affair with screaming, distorted percussion and huge pulsing synth hooks, this is certainly one beast no cage can hold. First Encounter brings out the nightmare vibes from the off as a blood curdling synth drone gives way to pummelling kicks and a proper jacked up rhythm. This track really takes things up a notch with creative programming and sharp, slicing percussive workouts. Don’t Tell Mama closes out this collab the pair’s no nonsense approach continues to hammer through. Rough and ragged drums sear consistently while freakish vocals haunt the breaks, backed by thundering, highly processed drones.

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Dahryl - Breaking Ice EP

Friday, 22nd July 2022

DAHRYL has be working tirelessly in the studio of late and has gradually building his reputation as some of the scene's go-to producer for tough as nails techno. In this latest EP he belts out 3 massive originals backed with a remix from modular guru Ansome.

Title track Breaking Ice kicks off the EP in brutal form. Titanic kicks thunder from the off while clever, rhythmic vocal cuts chop alongside razor sharp percussion as siren like synths pulse throughout. Dub Smak picks up the pace whilst keep things dark and hard, chugging along nicely before a terrorising synth hook lasers it’s way through. Ghost Train brings a more jacking feel to the EP as both kick and bassline pound together with stripped percussion, building through dense atmospherics into a warping synth line. UK techno don, Ansome, turns in a roasting hot remix of title track Breaking Ice. Twisting and tearing at the original as only he could, his version is a broken beat monster packed with incessant sonic destruction.

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Aida Arko - Under You Above The Galvanic Sky

Friday, 15th July 2022

Austrian based DJ/Producer, Aida Arko, makes her full Soma debut with the industrial influenced EP, 'Under You Above The Galvanic Sky'. After her appearance on the Collective Process VA series earlier in 2021, Aida has worked tirelessly in the studio, honing her sound to present this hard hitting and superbly produced EP.

Starting strong, Rock It Till You Lock It opens the EP with a powerful yet emotive felling as driving drums hammer home against swaying atmospherics. Title track Above You Under The Galvanic Sky begins ominously before intense percussive workouts and sharp vocal cuts for the basic of a dark, fierce track. Hard Candy has Aida drawing on more emotive themes again as lush ambience lures you in before giving way to tweaked out acid elements and her signature, potent industrial influenced sound. Enter The Void close out the EP and takes no prisoners from the opening. Thudding kicks build the momentum as subtle yet distorting atmospheres work their way through the background to construct a full force, thundering end to the EP.

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Slam - Aversion EP

Friday, 6th May 2022

Massive new Slam EP opens their solo Soma account for 2022.

Off the back of the momentous Louder Than Chaos Project, Soma label heads Slam are back with a huge new 3 track release as they continue to push the boundaries within techno with this latest no holds barred EP.

The crushing sounds of ‘Waver’ getting things going at a furious pace as relentless percussion delivers the perfect drive before classic hoover style synths add that extra layer of power. Slam keeps the momentum going as Bulgar steps up with cascading energy built with thunderous kick drums and a hypnotising vocal layer. Closing out the EP with ‘Aversion’ the Glasgow duo ride an emphatic high of pulsating, rhythmic synths and subtle punk influences.

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Slam + AnD - Louder Than Chaos Vol.5

Friday, 11th February 2022

Slam + AnD bring the Louder Than Chaos project to a close with 2 cuts of high octane techno.

The project which has seen previous collaborations between Slam & and a host of artists including Hector Oaks, 999999999, Optic Nerve, Perc, Rebekah, & Amelie Lens now concludes.

Closing out their Louder Than Chaos project with Volume 5, Slam team up this time with legendary UK techno act  AnD, for an absolute killer of a double A side EP. A great climax to end the series, both tracks hold back no punches with a direct, hard hitting release designed to peak at the summit of high powered Techno sessions. 

Circumvolve opens this final chapter with rocket propelled drums that quickly gather pace before launching into a full scale assault as incessantly building synths sequences bring the energy. On the flip, Trident keeps the momentum flowing perfectly with ominous synth hooks rising through hammering kicks and razor sharp percussion.

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Slam - Louder Than Chaos Vol. 3

Friday, 12th November 2021

High Octane Techno from Slam + Rebekah on Louder Than Chaos Vol. 3

Volume 3 of the Louder Than Chaos project has Slam teaming up with long term Soma affiliate, Rebekah, for another ferocious addition to the series. This double A side release kicks off with the fiery and tempestuous Believe in The Night where shades of EBM cross with a hypnotic yet industrial backbone. On the flip, Erratic Movements has all guns blazing with a more direct and focussed approach. Harsh, sturdy rhythmic structures cascade continually as riotous, disruptive synths create the tension throughout the track.

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Slam - Louder Than Chaos Vol. 2

Friday, 15th October 2021

Slam & Perc combine for  Vol 2 of Louder Than Chaos

Volume 2 of Louder Than Chaos sees Slam team up with UK techno legend, Perc, for 2 absolutely hammering tracks. This double A side release has both artists colliding perfectly as they unleash ferocious and relentless rhythms.

Carbon Black opens uncompromisingly with thunderous drums, perfectly tuned to give that heavy stomping effect, continuously increasing in intensity before relenting momentarily to a subdued pad before rocketing back in, all guns blazing. Schism goes on a more industrial tip with it's more mechanised feel and crashing percussion building slowly and with purpose. Short, abrupt stabs give rise to tension that it quickly cleaved by clinical, razor sharp percussion.

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Slam - Louder Than Chaos Vol. 1

Friday, 24th September 2021

On March 2020 the world was abruptly thrown into collective disarray. The pandemic stopped almost everything dead in its tracks. No social gatherings, self-isolation, a sense of panic and bewilderment prevailed. An industry that had become so dependent on human connection and unity, was suddenly switched off and put on pause for an unforeseeable future.It was in this climate that The Louder Than Chaos project was born, facilitated by Soma Records head honchos and Techno protagonists Slam. A collaborative project with friends, colleagues and contemporaries normally only seen at airports, or events, now brought together under a completely different set of circumstances, allowing for a purposeful connection in a time of disconnect. The focus of the project is built on a powerful mutual participation, remotely constructed over time and fully intended for holding court on peak time dance floors when they inevitably return. That time has now finally come.The Louder Than Chaos project is a series of 5 releases, on 12 vinyl & Digital, to be released monthly via Soma Records. Featuring collaborations between Slam & Hector Oaks, Slam & 999999999, Slam & Keith Tucker (AKA Optic Nerve), Slam & Amelie Lens, Slam & Rebekah, Slam & AnD and finally Slam & Perc. Each EP features specially commissioned artwork from German based artist PPP Panic, which consolidates into one constructive piece over the 5 releases.Opening Volume 1, Slam pair with Italian rave starters 999999999 for Conveyor. Arguably one of the hardest tracks in the project, both artists combine to unleash a furious and twisted acid techno stomper. Madrid born, vinyl enthusiast Hector Oaks is next up, joining Slam on a proper, attitude filled techno excursion with Pathfinder; its heady melodic elements mask a driving and potent track. Detroit originator Optic Nerve helps Slam to close out the EP with the Motor City electronics of Machine Conflict. Early Slam influence mixes perfectly with the Detroit natives unique electro sound.

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Slam - Scourge EP

Friday, 2nd April 2021

As the Glasgow duo build up to the release of a massive project later in 2021, this EP has them at their most devastating. Three intense Techno workout await from the ever in form pairing of Stuart McMillan & Orde Meikle.

Deflect opens with thunderous yet hypnotic percussion driving the track as tension building synths sear through. The Passage ups the pace as twisted, radioactive synths melt throughout the track, guided by missile like percussive strikes. Keeping up the relentless vibe, title track Scourge brings the pain with the hook serving up severe punishment as Slam’s uncompromising drums thrash solidly from beginning to end.

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Slam - Archive Edits LP

Wednesday, 1st January 2020

Slam rework Nitzer Ebb, Silent Breed, DK8, Terrence Fixmer and more for the final instalment of their Archive Edit series.

Soma label heads Slam curate a specially designed package of tracks to finalise their Archive Edit project that sees them delve deep into Techno’s past to bring some of the genre’s best tracks into the modern age. 

The Archive Edit project started as a way for Slam to showcase and share the many different edits that had made their way into their DJ sets over the last few years. The pairing of Stuart McMillan & Orde Meikle have both raided their extensive collections, picking out tracks that have defined countless sets over their career. Tracks from luminaries such as Nitzer Ebb, Thomas P Heckmann (as Silent Breed), Damon Wild & Terence Fixmer have been re-edited alongside some of Slam’s own unreleased material, showcasing the duo’s current sound; one that naturally evolves and matures, and demonstrates why the duo have been at the forefront of the global scene since its inception.

“We resurrect nine cuts from our archive collective collections for your listening and spinning pleasure. Some are original material, some are live re-edits, some are well-known, others are not! They all have one thing in common, they all attempt to unashamedly destroy dancefloors, and thus featured heavily, (usually toward the end of our DJ sets) in the last year or so. Now we share them with you!"

Slam open the album with an absolute monster track in the form of their rework of the legendary Nitzer Ebb’s ‘Join In The Chant’. The anthemic EBM/post-punk infused original is given a thrashing overhaul from the duo marking one of the standout tracks of this collection.  A special live rework of fan favourite ‘Scorpion’ drops before the previously unreleased ‘Memoriam’ delivers on a more emotive tip. Firing back into the edits is Thomas P Heckmann’s seminal ‘Sync In’ (under his Silent Breed moniker) which is a fast-paced, Neo-Trance affair. Slam then drop the manic ‘1001’ which takes the BPM stratospheric. DK8’s 'Murder Was The Bass' is up next and given a 2019 update as the duo's edit snatches up all the most perfect elements of the track. This leads nicely into a rework of French EBM legend Terence Fixmer’s ‘Body Pressure’ - driving through with its twisted beats and vocals. Another special live edit of the first Archive Edit release, Damon Wild’s Rotary makes an appearance as the album closes out with the rave infected rework of the Hertz’s classic ‘Recreate’.

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Uun - Architects Of Fear EP [SOMA556D]

Monday, 2nd September 2019

The Vanity Trap opens the EP with a sense of urgency as bouncing rhythms steadily open up into pulsating, electric synths that seem to crawl through your skin whilst fast, effective percussion keep the pace. Between The Lines keeps the release pounding with a huge kicks and perfectly built hypnotic rhythms. Altstadt Echo steps up next with his remix of The Vanity Trap. His take offers a more broken beat and deeper affair as he puts the originals synths to work in a more drone orientated fashion. Machinations Of Descent closes the EP on a throughly hard hitting tone yet melancholic tone. An astute ambient producer as well, he merges his Techno & melodic elements beautifully on this track.

Mastered By Conor Dalton @ Glowcast Mastering

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Soma500th Release - Slam Remixes

Monday, 21st August 2017

Slam have remixed Robert Hood and Carl Craig For Soma Records 500th release.

Soma500 is a very special release that sees label heads Slam visit two memorable tracks for them over this past anniversary year. The duo of Stuart McMillan & Orde Meikle rework Robert Hoods “The Bond We Formed” - taken exclusively from the Soma25 compilation and a track that has featured highly in countless sets, a unique Slam rework of Carl Craig’s interpretation of Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom’s 'Relevee'.

One of the most sought after tracks from this year’s Soma25 compilation, Robert Hood’s jacked up ‘The Bond We Formed’ is given two unique remixes from Slam. The first remix brings elements of Hood’s original drum workout together with Slam’s spacial sequences. The second remix sees the pair go retro with an homage to the minimal master, utilising proper 90s tripped out tonality.
The B-side brings together the minds of Detroit’s Carl Craig and Slam as the Glaswegian pair rework Carl’s remix into a full on Techno anthem. The instantly recognisable synth work plays the major part with thunderous percussive work helming the backbone of this monster as it swells to a rapturous crescendo.

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Soma25 Vinyl Boxset

Tuesday, 18th April 2017

Soma have enlisted the likes of Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Steve Bicknell, Andrew Weatherall (appearing as Woodleigh Research Facility), Blawan, Adam Beyer and more to provide brand new musical excursions for today's dance floors and beyond. These, coupled with many of today's new, up and coming names in the techno genre like Kobosil, VRIL & Jonas Kopp choosing their favourite tracks from the Soma back catalogue to remix sees Soma’s futuristic vision remaining strong with the celebration of 25 years being one of a forward thinking nature rather than one of nostalgia.

Comes with Poster and Stickers with exclusive artwork from Scottish artist, Kyle Irvine.

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Soma 25 Boiler Room

Tuesday, 28th March 2017

We host our first boiler room with Soma artists Rebekah, Clouds, SHDW & Obscure Shape and of course head honchos SLAM.

Boiler Room states: Since it's inception in 1991, Soma Records has situated itself at the bleeding edge of techno. We're heading to Glasgow for a rundown of where the label is at in 2017.
This line-up boasts the likes of Boiler Room favourites Clouds, alongside label owners SLAM themselves and debut appearances from both Rebekah and SDHW & Obscure Shape. It looks to be yet another raucous techno outing, with those loveably riotous Scottish crowds.

Link Here>>

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SLAM DRAM - Soma Whisky

Wednesday, 23rd November 2016

Since its inception in 1991 on the streets of Glasgow, Soma Records has stood for uncompromising quality of the highest level in every area it operates. Soma has become an international brand as Slam's anthemic �Positive Education� in 1994 brought about an electronic renaissance that saw the group thrust into the limelight and green lit the furious rise of the label. Soma is also famous for the discovery of French duo Daft Punk and was the home to their first and much loved early singles including 'Alive' and 'Da Funk'.

Always at the cutting edge of dance music Soma has set a standard in House, Techno and Ambient Electronica throughout its history. Now standing tall and proud at the age of 25 and with over 500 releases under its belt, Soma has without doubt stood the test of time and maintains its forward thinking vision. To celebrate Soma�s 25th Year the label has worked with Creative Whisky Co and The Good Spirits Co to release some small batch speciality spirits. The culmination of this project sees the release of the SLAM DRAM, a very special 25 year old blended Whisky which we hope will become as classic as some of our records have become.


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Soma Exclusive: Gin & Techno

Tuesday, 5th July 2016

As Soma continue to celebrate our 25th anniversary, we are proud to announce the limited release of Soma Gin & Techno. A high quality London Dry Gin at 46% abv, juniper is playing a lead role in the tasting notes. The gin is also oozing with other botanicals such as soft coriander, orange peel and wild thyme.

A very limited number are available - buy online from the Good Spirits Company.

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Soma Rum & Techno

Wednesday, 25th November 2015

Soma announce Rum & Techno: a limited batch run of 200 bottles of 18 year Single Cask Caroni Rum from Trinidad. Each bottle is hand numbered from 1 to 200. Buy now from The Good Spirits Company.

Click on the image to buy.

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Shoogle Studios & Soma team up to offer sound production course

Wednesday, 8th May 2013

Using Ableton Live 9, Soma artist Simon Stokes (Petrichor) provides an 8 week
course in electronic music production.
For more information and enrolment information,
visit or or click on the image above.

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