Roberto Clementi

Alex Smoke

Roberto is not only a skilled producer but also a talented DJ and Live performer. Fusing elements of dub-techno, house and electronica, Clementi aims to keep his performances full of emotion and feeling. Each DJ/Live set is derived solely for the moment allowing him to tap into each dance floors unique properties and tailor his set accordingly. Roberto strives to make each show as unique as possible for the listener whilst simultaneously pouring his soul and artistic drive into them.

“Growing up remotely I grew up with out external influences, MTV which enabled me to develop my own taste, discover new sounds and find out what I liked. There were a lot of problems with the TV signal so my father in 1989 bought one of the first models of satellite receivers and I discovered the live streaming of street parade! I was so impressed that I hooked my fisher price cassette recorder up to the TV and started recording”.

It was these recordings that ignited Clementi’s passion for music and now he has multiple releases credited by many on Soma since being signed in 2012.

2016 is a promising year for Roberto - with releases on digital and vinyl already in the line up.