Magna Pia

Alex Smoke


Huseyin Evirgen is a composer, producer and DJ. He is one half of Cassegrain as well as works on his own solo material as Magna Pia since 2016.

He studied composition, piano and electronic music at the University of Istanbul and Mozarteum Salzburg. He has composed music for theatre, dance performances and mixed media for almost two decades. After meeting Alex Tsiridis at the Red Bull Music Academy in 2008, they formed the techno duo
'Cassegrain'. Since their first release on Mikrowave in 2010, they have worked with a variety of labels such as infrastructure NY, Prologue, Killekill, Ostgut Ton, Counterchange and Semantica. In 2016 they formed their own imprint called 'Arcing Seas', which is now home to both collaborative work as Cassegrain, solo projects as well as guest artists.

As Magna Pia, Huseyin Evirgen focuses on providing combative dance floor trips and unorthodox sonic moods with subtle 90s techno references while he keeps his interest in combining contemporary techno music with archaic