Alex Smoke

The world knows Detroit as the birthplace of techno, and since the mid eighties Trackmaster Lou Robinson has lived and breathed its everchanging scene. Ever changing himself, Lou is known for various projects, including his collaborations with Terrence Parker as Seperate Minds, his dark electronics as Scan 7 on Underground Resistance, and as Allergy on Soma, where he teamed up with Detroit's DJ Reggie to give us two releases of full-on techno.

Returning with yet another nom-de-plume, Lou teams up with Gari Romales of Abstract Recordings and long-time friend Terrence Parker as Cratesavers to deliver the eponymous varied 3-tracker of fine motorcity grooves. Tracks range from the righteous "Tha Truth" to the dreamy rhythms of "Natural Instinct", both of which were mixed by Terrence Parker at Hidden Territory studios. The whirlwind filtered funk of "So Lucky" again goes to prove that there's more to Trackmaster Lou than warped techno beats and tough Detroitian grooves.

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