Slam - Significs EP

Tuesday, 26th April 2016

Slam deliver yet another on point release for Soma as the duo drop the Significs EP. Stuart and Orde have been on fire of late with not only their releases doing the damage but with a string of gigs across the continent and their own Pressure events in their hometown of Glasgow going from strength to strength, the pair seem unstoppable at the moment. This latest EP once again shows great depth in their production going from hard- hitting techno to stripped back and jacked up machine funk.

Structure kicks things off and Slam state their intent on this one as one mean sounding hook plays the main role alongside fairly punishing drums. Title track Signifies is up next with yet more intelligently made patterns used a little more subtly but with no less impact. Functional closes out the EP and takes things a little deeper with is simple yet effect and pumped percussion striding across a tweeked out vocal sample.
With this huge release, Slam once again maintain their claim as being one of the most innovative acts in electronic music right now.

Wall Of People - Roberto Clementi w/ Zenker Brothers Remix

Friday, 15th April 2016

Soma’s Italian connection, Roberto Clementi, makes a welcome return opening his 2016 account with the solid, Wall Of People. Including a top notch remix form Ilian Tape label heads, Marco & Dario Zenker. Robert has slowly been building his credentials in the Techno world with some fine releases and this driving number is another to add to his increasing discography with Soma.

The Zenker Brothers remix opens the EP as the Munich based duo lend their deep and highly refined production talents to Wall Of People. Ruptured beats play havoc with a shimmering high end and rattling percussive elements all tied in with a pulsing, modulating synth hook that keep the track feeling fairly dark. Clementi’s original shows a much harder edge to his previous work with big, sub heavy beats worked around a more pumped up rhythm and tearing synth line

Out on 12"Vinyl and Digitally.

Soma Track Series 001 - Vinyl

Thursday, 7th April 2016

Slam have started a sub division of their Soma Records label called Soma Track Series - which sees the duo going back to their Chicago-inspired roots.

The first 12" in the series, TS001, sees the two club smashers 'Make You Move' on the A side and 'Take You There' on the B Side.

Both tracks are leaving scorch marks across dancefloors across the globe and are now both out on much awaited vinyl. Grab yours now, while stock lasts.

Monoloc - Gipson Remixes

Friday, 1st April 2016

Soma label heads Slam turn in a brooding, menacing version of title track Gipson. Staying true to the original’s heavy and atmospheric vibe, the Glaswegian duo keep it stripped back and pounding. Stroboscopic Artefacts boss, Lucy steps up with his more experimental take on Cupel. The dubbed out atmospheres of the original take on a new life and Lucy leans hard on the electronics and delivers a broken beat, tweeked out trip. Relative newcomers SHDW & Obscure Shape round off the EP with a big, bold reinterpretation of Gipson. Thundering bass drums, hypnotic synths hooks and and an epic use of the original’s pad create a fairly ferocious end to the EP.

Ilario Alicante - Zenith EP

Friday, 25th March 2016

Ilario Alicante makes a welcome return to the Soma ranks with his second EP, Zenith. This straight up 3 tracker is indicative of Alicante's sound. Bold, rhythmic and full of energy.

Aggressive opens proceedings with bounding percussive elements stapled together with a hypnotic vocal cut. Title track, Zenith takes things deeper with it's repetitive synth hook whilst still exuding pure energy from it's rapid fire percussion as Alicante turns out an effective DJ tool. Forward closes out the EP on a slight Detroit tip with the Italian working in a quirky Hood-esque organ, leaning heavy on a soulful flavour and once again back backed by his intense drum programming.

Alicante boldly fires out 3 epic DJ tools ready to tear any dance floor apart.

Slam - Take You There

Friday, 18th March 2016

Volume 2 of the Soma Track Series once again has Slam drawing on their Chicago influences, with 'Take You There' - featuring the vocal stylings of Mr V.

While Volume 1 is still leaving scorch marks on dance floors across the planet, the second instalment increases the heat as Slam go on an epic 9 minute jack-a-thon. Perfectly layered beats built on that influential 909 foundation are split by the hypnotic vocal cuts delivering an energetic, groove laden work out.

Lewis Fautzi - Discharge EP

Thursday, 10th March 2016

Lewis Fautzi marks his return to Soma with the first of two releases in 2016 with the blistering EP, Discharge. Two typically raucous tracks find their way on to the release backed by an epic Reeko remix. The young Portuguese native has quickly risen the ranks of the Techno elite over the last few years and is quickly developing a sound that easily defines him. Sub heavy, hypnotic and pulsating tracks are the order of the day from Fautzi and we also welcome back Spanish big hitter Reeko to Soma for an epic remix of Discharge.

Gemini Voice Archive - Encuentro EP

Tuesday, 1st March 2016

After a highly successful debut year for the GVA duo, they open up their 2016 account on Soma with 3 more blistering Techno tracks with 'Encuentro'.

This bold EP from the mysterious duo further cements their place within the new roster at Soma as their well produced sound goes up another notch and delves even darker.

Out on Soma and Beatport on Monday 7th of March, and everywhere else Friday 18th March. Available to pre-order now.

Slam - Parallel Phase EP

Thursday, 11th February 2016

After the unprecedented success of the opening of the unique ‘Soma Track Series’, Stuart & Orde are back in business with pure, thundering Techno packed full of soul and a vision that sees them take Soma into 2016.

With a whole lot more in the pipeline, Slam make a bold start to the new year with this expertly crafted EP showing full control over all the Techno elements.

Charles Fenckler - Frozen Room EP

Friday, 5th February 2016

Soma's French wonder kid returns as we build toward his debut album in 2016 with a ferocious rave inspired opening to the year in 'Frozen Room'. Charles has been busy in the studio and begins to show what we can expect from his first full length later in the year. Recent Soma contributor, Christian Wunsch, steps up with a fantastic remix of the title track also.

Deepchord - Atmospherica Volume 2

Monday, 25th January 2016

Atmospherica Vol 2 is the second EP to be taken from Deepchord’s latest full length but sees him stray from the album tracks bringing 3 exclusive pieces, keeping in the same musical vein as Ultraviolet Music.

The vinyl will be a limited edition run, and a beautiful mixed blue colour. Release date for this special vinyl will be announced soon.

Deepbass - Second Stage EP

Thursday, 7th January 2016

Deepbass has had a storming end to the year which has seen releases on many fine Techno imprints throughout Europe and a slew of gigs backing too. This new 3 track EP sees the young producer step up his game with deftly made, other-worldly Techno. A true purveyor of quality, emotive Deep Techno, the young producer looks to blossom more on Soma with each release.

Slam - Soma Track Series Vol. 1

Monday, 7th December 2015

Slam have started a sub division of their Soma Records label called Soma Track Series which sees the duo going back to their Chicago-inspired roots and to kick things off their Techno bomb 'Make You Move' is quickly making waves with clubbers and DJs alike!

Deepchord - Ultraviolet Music

Monday, 7th December 2015

Deepchord's fourth album on Soma is out now on double CD and digital formats.
A new collection of otherworldly transmissions from Deepchord’s laboratory.

Soma Rum & Techno

Wednesday, 25th November 2015

Soma announce Rum & Techno: a limited batch run of 200 bottles of 18 year Single Cask Caroni Rum from Trinidad. Each bottle is hand numbered from 1 to 200. Buy now from The Good Spirits Company.

Click on the image to buy.

Slam - Fractious

Tuesday, 17th November 2015

Soma label heads, Slam are back with a brand new killer EP on their home label in the form of the Fractious EP. Hot on the heals of their mammoth rework of Clouds' Complete Control and the excellent Transmissions Glasgow compilation, the duo of Orde Meikle and Stuart McMillan have been on something of a hot streak lately. Here they deliver two dark dance floor burners for their latest release!

Ilario Alicante - No End

Tuesday, 17th November 2015

Soma welcome Ilario Alicante into the fold as he makes a welcome addition to the roster with his No End EP. Ilario has quickly risen though the ranks of the Techno elite and has crafted a well defined sound and his premier Soma release showcases a tougher, more jacking side to his productions.

Title track No End wastes no time kicking things off as pure, unadulterated drums whip things into a frenzy before a simple, hypnotic organ leads things beautifully.

Atoll is a straight up powerhouse. A perfectly laid out DJ tool, banging beats and direct programming leave you with one nailer of a track.

Deepchord - Atmospherica Vol. 1

Tuesday, 10th November 2015

The first single from Deepchord's new album Ultraviolet Music is a three track special edition green and black coloured vinyl.

The ever enigmatic Deepchord makes a post welcome return to Soma with this, the first single to be taken from this latest full length, Ultraviolet Music. Three beautiful slices have been cut from the album to form this truly outstanding single and shows Deepchord return to a straight up mix of heady, cerebral dub techno infused with more solid rhythms.

Gemini Voice - Movimiento Estatico

Monday, 2nd November 2015

The third and final EP of the year from the mysterious Gemini Voice Archive rounds of what has been a blistering year for the duo. They have been slowly building their sound throughout 2015 and culminates in the quality 'Movimiento Estatico'.

A great depth is shown throughout this four tracker as GVA easily show skill in moving from emotive, dub infected Techno to razor sharp and pounding rhythms.

Slam / Clouds - Reciprocal Exchange

Thursday, 1st October 2015

A double whammy of Scottish Techno as two of the biggest names in today's scene collide in one almighty bang as Slam & Clouds take on each other with devastating outcomes. Originally a hit for Clouds in 2013, Compete Control is given Slam's expert remix treatment and turned into one peak time burner whilst remaining true to the originals machine gun snares and ominous vocal sample! Clouds delve back into Slam's extensive back catalogue, bringing back the monstrous Stepback. Clouds revitalise it for the modern age, coming at it all guns blazing and delivering a broken beat, snare driven beast

Christian Wunsch - Waves Propagation

Thursday, 1st October 2015

Debut single for Christian Wunsch on Soma.

Rebekah - Confined Heart

Thursday, 1st October 2015

The fist lady of Birmingham techno, Rebekah, arrives on Soma in a rapturous debut on the
Confined Heart EP.
Having made her name through the
mighty CLR and her own Decoy label, Rebekah has her sights focussed firmly on the future as she develops her ferocious sound with the classy
2 track EP.

Showing real death to her productions, Confined Heart has an almost deeper emotional content whilst still being true to her uncompromising sound. Kill Floor immediately has you running for the hills as Rebekah powers home her Soma debut with sheers brute force.

Slam - Interpretations Part 4

Thursday, 1st October 2015

Soma deliver another fine collection of remixes from Slam's critically acclaimed album
'Reverse Proceed' and turn their attention to a global pack of remixers for Interpretations Part 4.

Argentinian Pfirter steps up first with two versions of the sublime Irritant. He delivers two stung version which delve into a deeper side of things and another more club orientated weapon. New French boy on the block, Roman Poncet, fires things up with his version of Rotary. A pounding, relentless take on Slam's original awaits. Closing off this stellar group is Etapp Kyle. His 'Gamma Mix' of Convolute goes into almost ambient territory but
remain one for those early mornings and he keeps things deep and trippy.

Reeko - barcelona #3.00am

Thursday, 1st October 2015

Another welcome name to Soma from the Spanish camp is Reeko who delves head first into unfathomable deep techno territory with his debut release, barcelona #3.00am. Reeko has been building his name with great care and attention to his sound for many years and all this has culminated in a producer who can easily flip from deep, cerebral sound to dangerously heavy Techno . His debut on Soma happily straddles these fields as thunderous sub bass matches some equally future realms of energy.

Patrick Walker - Veiled Space

Thursday, 1st October 2015

Patrick Walker, one half of the Scottish techno outfit Forward Strategy Group, makes a ferocious debut on Soma Records, harking back to early 90s UK Techno with a solid four tracker on the Veiled Space EP. Patrick's credentials as a solo artist have been clear for sometime. Now he steps up on Soma to deliver his uncompromising vision of Techno

Gemini Voice - Absoluto Disparate

Wednesday, 30th September 2015

Anonymous Techno duo Gemini Voice Archive mark up their 2nd EP with Soma on Absolute Disparate. Things really go up a notch on this release as a darker and more twisted side to the due rears its head.

Title track Absolute Disparate is a thundering yet haunting escapade as subtle drones and sequences drive atop stripped back percussive elements working up one hell of a storm

Horizonte de Sucesos is yet another monster from GVA with its intelligent drum work outs and searing bass tones all perfectly tied together ensuring a straight up burner.

With yet more to come from the devious GVA, their Soma future looks bright

Mark Henning - Joyride

Wednesday, 19th August 2015

Soma favourite Mark Henning makes a welcome return to the label after last year’s smash, Blackout, with the jacking Joyride EP. Mark has been busy in the studio this last while and drops 4 perfectly made, machine based weapons for your aural delight.

Title track Joyride kicks things off with a straight up 909 beat, complete with sci-fi sweeps and classic wood block percussion, quickly working its way into an very subtle groove with every element working effectively to keep it fully funk laden.

Sideways completes the A side of the release and gets going right from the beginning. Pumping percussion takes hold and hits the ground running before a perfectly weighted synth hook lashes over the top with Henning playing with the synths LFO to creative effect.

Dust takes things down a notch as swirling pads drape themselves over a series 909 beat. Henning lets this one loop out, letting the subtle variations in the synths do the work as the 909 holds the beat solid and reminiscent of early Berlin/Detroit dub techno crossovers.

Mars Attacks closes of the EP and does so in particularly fine fashion. A more broken beat affair this time from Henning and he really works his machines into a sonic warfare of bass tones and tweeked out synths that sear through the crashing percussion workout.

Dax J - Sonic Drones

Wednesday, 19th August 2015

Debut single for Dax J on Soma Records. Available digitally on 24 August on Soma and Beatport stores. This title will follow on vinyl, release date TBC.

Petrichor - Mångata

Tuesday, 21st July 2015

Soma are proud to present the debut album from one of Glasgow’s newest and most exciting producers, Petrichor. The man behind the project, Simon Stokes, has been gradually working his way up the ranks in his home city’s scene and has firmly established himself within the Soma hierarchy with a hat trick of original EPs each laden with his analogue focused, dream-like sound that straddles the boundaries between electronica, house and techno.

As well as a burgeoning career in electronic music, Simon has founded his own music production school, Shoogle Studios. As the only Ableton Certified Trainer in Scotland he has taken on the mantle of running the illustrious Soma Skool, helping a new breed of producers find their footing within the realms of electronic music production. Never one to stand still and remain focused on one facet of his skills in the studio, he has also found himself working as a mastering engineer as well as with Soma founders Slam in the studio where he helped them shape their latest album, Reverse Proceed.

Simon’s tireless work in the studio on his own project has now come to fruition as he delivers the dramatic and provoking, Mångata. Amalgamating his array of impressive hardware as well as his intricate knowledge of Ableton Live, Petrichor has refined his sound and crafted an intricate, multifaceted album that draws on many spheres of influence, designed as a singular listening piece

The lush sound of this piece is apparent from the opening track as Komorebi glides innocently into existence. Subtle, field recorded rain brings an organic touch as orchestral pads ebb gently, revealing a swarm of bass tones and further processed field recordings. Resonating chords then slowly seep through the broken drum patterns and crisp percussion of Antigen which quickly becomes a bass-led, trippy excursion as warped, acid synth hooks become the heart of the track. A sharp, last gasp build, from Antigen drifts away leaving the quirky modular gyrations and thunderous percussive workout that is Amor Fati to quicken the pace of the album.

Title track Mångata is served up next with a haunting vitality to it. Phasing drums patterns bring tension as a barely audible voice seems to offer solace to the listener while a boisterous drum beat punches its way through the vigorous chords. No time is wasted as Louba’s four to the floor beat works its way in. Luscious pads are present alongside the more straight up percussive elements which gives Louba a house-flavoured tone.

The galactic Kepler 186-F rolls out in suitably ethereal fashion and takes us down a darker path. Almost broken into two parts, this track takes on an off-balance rhythm to begin with, throwing the listener off. Gradually it works its way round into a steadier pace with flashes of electrified synths giving a real menace to its core. A perfect set up for the resoundingly banging State Function (Petrichor’s recent contribution to Soma’s Transmissions Glasgow compilation).

The perfect come down from State Function sees Petrichor return to Nukumori providing the album with a special reprise version. An ideal summer, feel good track, Nukumori has been stripped of its beats and allowed to drift into its own sonic heaven. As we draw to a close, Petrichor ramps up the funk factor with Flight Behaviour. Delicate drums provide the solid background for a fantastic musical departure, defined by an overwhelmingly catchy bass line and perfectly glistening keys, truly one of Mångata’s standout pieces.

We are treated to another special rework of Petrichor’s most widely loved tracks in the form of a special album version of On Tides. The original melody is, of course, the prominent feature but the accompaniment is now more fitting of the album to which it helps bring to a close in understated yet powerful fashion.

B12 - Bokide 325

Friday, 10th July 2015

B12 Return! The duo's history famously started in the early 90's with their music appearing under a plethora of monikers under the "B12 Records" umbrella - 12" vinyl with notorious cryptic messages engraved in the run-out grooves, before being collected into album form and release on Warp.

The Bokide 325 EP – Is it a planet to be explored, or the journey through a personal hell? Only a few know for sure but at the end of this voyage expressed in the best way B12 know how, layers of sounds, beats, synths, lush pads, and seductive melodies the hope of a whole new reality is reached. It conjures up foreboding, planetary soundscapes - rooted in the more ambient, filmic side of their output, is it a reflection of recent turmoil within/ the artists personal lives?

Slam & Gary Beck - Pressure Lights

Monday, 1st June 2015

As part of our upcoming Transmissions Glasgow album, we have the single from Slam & Gary Beck out now digitally. A vinyl version of this will follow, which also features an additional track from Petrichor.

Lewis Fauzi - Space Exploration

Monday, 23rd March 2015

Lewis Fautzi returns to Soma in LP format once again with the galaxy spanning ‘Space Exploration’. A special collection of tracks created by Fautzi that focus on the more experimental side of Techno. Never one to allow his self to get caught up in one style, Fautzi set himself the challenge of creating an album with more depth and insight into his creative process, basing the focus on bringing more of his emotion to the music.

“I think an artist should explore what they feel and what they like and I made this album because it was a challenge that I had in mind.”

With ‘Space Exploration’, the young Portuguese producer intends for the listener to be taken on a journey through not only his deeper, more emotive side but also with their own sense of understanding of modern, experimental Techno.

“The biggest travel that man can do is in Space so I created that sense of travelling through vast space in music.”

Fautzi begins his voyage with ‘Tremors’. As the name suggests, a powerful rush of drone powered synths cascade over one another, slowly sweeping over the listener urging them to progress with caution. The tonal wail of title track ‘Space Exploration’ gives way to spectral pads draped in mystery and underpinned by wavering bass tones, held at bay by subtle broken percussion. No time is spared as the listener is transported to the galaxy themed ‘NGC 815’. Fautzi stays light on the percussion still, using it to only ground the listener as pulsating gravitational forces bend the auditory nerves. ‘IC 10’ takes us further into the cosmos with background, static radiation seeping through the sonic inflections, searing pads and tripped out percussive elements, leaving you unsteady in their wake.

Moving onto the second half of the album, the ‘Operating Systems’ take hold as fluctuating percussion indicates that there is something out there. Neurological stimulation is heightened by the energy oscillating from the still beating heart of the controls. Things become more muted, ‘Apocalypse 14’ signals that the end may be near. Hollow thoughts are left here as discord brings an overbearing feeling of nothingness. The spiral galaxy of ‘NGC 4826’ is the last destination, the never ending black eye from the buzzing bass tones seems to drain the energy leaving you drifting in the ethereal onslaught of the harmonious synth line. This is the event horizon, there is no going back, you must plunge head first into the unknown, with only the ’Warning Signal’ as company. It’s monotony only beckons you as you loose yourself in the swirling, crushing expanse.

Fautzi creates a mesmerising, immersive piece in just a short time frame with this album; building a journey that traverses the ambient, drone and deep Techno universes thoroughly.

“The music transmits feelings in people. And what I’ve tried to create was people to hear my album feel a trip to space.”

As an accompaniment to the album, Fautzi has collaborated with Darren Watts of Glasgow based film company, EQTV, to create the movie "Space Exploration”. This brings to life the emotional and magical feeling evoked by merging the musical and visual inspiration of space travel. A private link to this movie is included on the CD for the discerning fan of Fautzi’s music.

Shoogle Studios & Soma team up to offer sound production course

Wednesday, 8th May 2013

Using Ableton Live 9, Soma artist Simon Stokes (Petrichor) provides an 8 week
course in electronic music production.
For more information and enrolment information,
visit or or click on the image above.

Soma Ltd. 12

Sunday, 8th January 2012

Regis is of Techno legend status. Working his acclaimed Downwards label and also now running the much hyped Sandwell District, Regis has stayed true to his deep, yet often tough sound. In his remodel of X-Trak 1, Regis keeps a massive kick drum rolling behind those famous stabs. Soft and subtle synths sweep through the track adding a wondrously spacey feel that brings atmosphere and class.

In Ryan Crosson's remix, Detroit’s own experimental innovator goes surgical; injecting Smoke’s track with a rippling bass line that provides the main theme for the music as it sits comfortably underneath gentle synths and Alex’s mega-morphed, ghostly vocals. A percussion transfusion sees the original, intricate and glitch percussion being carved out and replaced with a more mechanical beat that compliments the bass and supports the other musical elements. Crosson stretches the track out to nine and a half minutes and maintains the song’s ambient soul while also including a driving end section, featuring percussive aspects that suggests homage to Smoke’s original rhythms.

Slam Remixed Pt 2

Wednesday, 4th January 2012

For over 2 decades Slam, together with Soma have been pushing the envelopes of house and techno. Their constant innovation along with their independent ethos has allowed them to prosper in a constantly changing business. To celebrate their 20 years in music, Soma are releasing a selection of classic tracks from their extensive back catalogue, newly remixed by some of the best producers on the label and in the world today. September also sees the release of a special 20th anniversary 3CD compilation featuring classic tracks and 2 mixes by Silicone Soul and Slam.

The 11th single in this classics series features two remixes of Slam’s classic track Stepback. The track, which sent shockwaves through the underground in the mid-90s, encompasses the classic early Soma sound; raw and stripped techno.

Adam Beyer is no stranger to Slams work, releasing two of their EPs on his own Drumcode imprint. For this special release however, he has teamed up with his fellow countryman Jesper Dahlback to bring Stepback their Swedish shine. The pair add a new dimension to the track, making it even more brooding and atmospheric whilst retaining that driving rhythm that makes the original so prominent.

For the second remix, Soma artist Mark Henning takes Stepback in a different direction. The deep house groove blends the original track’s industrial sound with Henning’s typical off-kilter basslines

Alex Smoke - Alex Smoke Remixed

Wednesday, 10th August 2011

Alex Smoke remixed by Ryan Crosson, Sei A and Roof Light

Percy X Remixed

Wednesday, 10th August 2011

Percy X gets remixed by Joris Voorn and Regis.

Mark Henning - Cosmic Marmalade

Wednesday, 10th August 2011

Brand new Ep from Mark Henning.

Soma Records announce... Soma20 - Daft Punk – Drive Unreleased 1994

Tuesday, 2nd August 2011

Released:- 19/9/11
Album available for pre-order now:-

At the tail end of 2010 we trailed boxes of DATs, pictures and god-only-knows what else to find artefacts of Soma’s early days. Imagine our surprise when we discovered a tape simply entitled ‘Daft Drive’. We hooked up the DAT machine and inserted the tape with the delicacy of a surgeon, pressing play and praying that for one, the tape contained what we hoped, and two, that it didn’t chew it like a dog chewing on a bone. In amongst the hiss and crackle, the most monstrous 909 kick drum thudded. Daft Punk’s Drive track had been rediscovered. Playing through was Live Daft Punk; freaky vocals, pounding Roland drums & synths and that archetypal DP compression. After standing in silence, witnessing this moment, the track faded off and we heard the sound of the French spoken word that the recording had been made over; the remnants of their parents audio collection. The tape had originally been sent with Rollin’ and Scratchin’ to be released as Soma25. But Soma asked these two bright-eyed and Techno-bound Frenchman, to finish and send Da Funk to accompany Rollin’ and Scratchin’ and DRIVE was shelved for a later date...

Daft Punk – Drive Unreleased 1994 is track 1 on the Soma 20 Years compilation triple CD release, and is joined by selected Soma Records classics, including tracks by Slam, Silicone Soul, The Black Dog, Funk D’Void, Samuel L Session, Percy X and Desert Storm. CD 2 is a Slam DJ mix of the back-catalogue remixes we received in our twentieth anniversary. Remixers include Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlback, Nick Curly, Mark Broom, D’Julz, Paul Ritch, Pan-Pot, Oxia ++++ all woven together by label bosses SLAM.
CD3 is an DJ Mix from Silicone Soul, Their DJ mix is a representation of the tracks they saw from the dancefloor, be it the first record they bought; Otaku’s (Ralph Lawson, Fraser Brydson & Carl Finlow) Percussion Obsession, or DJ Q’s masterful mix of Counter Plan’s 90 Degrees. Peppered through their mix are snippets and acapellas like the beautiful keys of Daedalus or the vocals from Inspiration and Light, Tonight, and U Dig. You’ll also see Mark Henning’s Last Night, a personal favourite of the boys from the last few years of Soma stock.

Deepchord – Hash-Bar Loops LP

Wednesday, 8th June 2011

In our 20th anniversary year we count ourselves truly fortunate to be able to release music we love this much. Soma proudly welcome Deepchord to release Hash-Bar Loops on Soma Quality Recordings!

Rod Modell (a.k.a. Deepchord) is a sound-designer with 25 years involvement in electronic music and over 50 releases under various aliases and styles. Beginning with more "industrial" and "ambient" forms of sonic experimentation, he worked with Kim Cascone and his -then- record label Silent, and performed along-side notable industrial acts such as Chris & Cosey and SPK. While attending Art School for Photography, Rod lived in Detroit's Eastern-Market area, the location of the infamous "Techno Boulevard", and home to Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson during that time. Submersed in the blossoming Detroit Techno scene (early 1990's), a journey from a more experimental sound into Detroit's techno-world was inevitable. Modell then co-founded the Deepchord record label in Detroit during the mid-90's. Many consider Deepchord to be the second wave of the "Basic Channel sound", and came years before the onslaught of imitators.

After 16 releases on Deepchord, Rod went onto co-found Echospace. Echospace released two full length albums and five 12" singles on Modern Love (Boomkat), and a slew of releases on their Echospace imprint. 2007's "The Coldest Season" and 2010's "Liumin" are critically acclaimed electronic music classics, and were on top-lists of prestigious resources such as The Wire, xlr8r, and Resident Advisor (who wrote of The Coldest Season: "in terms of sheer quality, it rivals Basic Channel’s vaunted catalog. Put down that ultra-rare Basic Reshape 12” and check out what’s going on now. This album is bound to be one of the most fully realized listening experiences to grace your stereo this year, and is proof positive that DeepChord and Echospace are the rightful heirs to the dub techno legacy"). Rod also operated an audio-mastering facility in the Detroit area from 1995-2005, employing his services to many electronic record labels, including Richie Hawtin's M-NUS imprint.

Rod’s idea of an album revolves around a concept that isn’t always followed in modern day electronic long players. A chain of feelings and emotions emanate from his work and flow in a manner that has been very carefully considered. Buzzing in atmospheric warmth and layered with mesmerising rhythms, Hash-Bar Loops tells the tale of a hazy extended stay in Amsterdam, where the album was in the most part formed.

Starting from deep and dreamy soundscapes the album warms from the outset with the opener, Spirits. The underlying atmosphere is somewhat disconcerting, but balances perfectly with soft, distant chords and ever-evolving percussion. The album progresses through turbulent synths and outlying melodies in Sofitel & Merlot. On Tangier, stabs and textures melt into one another adding tension and dynamics in true Deepchord style. The swirling air of Electromagnetic then conveys a dizzying and hypnotic feel in which budding chords emerge from a white-washed DC soundscape. Balm steps into another world, with beautiful hovering chords that pulse throughout the track, forming a delicate and emotive shape. The climactic Oude Kerk sits at the peak of this album and deserves its crown. Arguably the most exposed of all tracks in the album, Oude Kerk fizzles end to end, letting the deep low frequencies and advancing percussion take over. City Centre then reels the synths back in, with contemplative pads that are underpinned with arguably the heaviest sub-bass on the album. Field recordings can once again be heard, hidden deep in the layers of sound in Crimson and Black Cavendish, where their dense sonics slowly swell behind metallic clangs. Closing the circle, Neon and Rain steps back into the deep and wistful soundscapes heard at the opening of the album where the familiar sense of unease and contemplation toy with one another.

Scott Grooves – Mothership Reconnection Remixes – Soma20 Phase 3

Wednesday, 8th June 2011

The third EP from Soma’s 20th Birthday series is a monster release. The Scott Grooves classic is reworked by a very-much on-form Claude VonStroke. Joining Claude’s remix is the legendary Daft Punk Remix that was featured on the original release back in 1998 along with Scott’s original.

Soma 20 Party @ Rockness!

Wednesday, 8th June 2011

Our stage will be the first stage to run until 3am on Friday and Saturday nights.

Ticket info:
put in the code SOMA when you buy your tickets here

SOMA Quality Recordings
20 YEARS [1991 * 2011]

2011 sees Soma Recordings celebrate their 20th year of releasing
stunning and eclectic, electronic dance music from across spectrum. The label will release a series of singles throughout the year, containing remixes of the extensive catalogue , including some of their biggest hits, like Funk D'Void's Diabla, Silicone Soul's Right On, Slam's "Lifetimes" and Scott Grooves with Mothership Reconnection (featuring Parliament/ Funkadelic and famously remixed by Daft Punk).

These releases culminate in a CD box-set released in Autumn. There will be a series of birthday parties across Europe throughout the Summer.The first Scottish party will last for 3 days (of course) and is taking place on the outrageous, outdoor Afterburner stage at Rockness, featuring a host of talent including Soma artists, collaborators and supporters across the entire weekend.

This will be the biggest birthday party in Rockness history!

Friday June 10 OPEN UNTIL 3am
Erol Alkan
Paul Ritch(live)
Ewan Pearson

Saturday June 11 OPEN UNTIL 3am
Funk D'Void
Alex Under
Gary Beck
Master H
Harvey McKay

Sunday June 12
Derrick Carter
Andrew Weatherall
Jamie Jones
Sunday Circus

Vector Lovers – Electrospective EP

Wednesday, 8th June 2011

Martin Wheeler returns to Soma Quality Recording with Electrospective, the 4th album under his Vector Lovers guise. Martin’s past long players, the self-titled Vector Lovers, Capsule For One and Afterglow, won fans the world over with his unsettlingly emotive strain of electronic funk. In Electrospective, the highlights from these three albums and corresponding singles are remastered, with 2 previously unreleased tracks joining them. Beyond going back to his original productions Electrospective album, Martin has also been working on his iPhone app, which is due for release in early 2011. Such is the quality of Vector Lovers sound that his productions have been picked up by several world-leading automotive brands, most notably BMW who jumped at Tokyo Glitterati for the soundtrack to their 3 Series ads. His futuristic take on Electronica immediately pricks the ears and burns a lasting mark in your head.

Vector Lovers’ sound emanates from the 80’s, and is influenced by Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and early synth pop. This can be most clearly seen on the fragile beauty of the opening track, Melodies & Memory, our first indication of Martin’s sublime talent for singing and songwriting. He describes where the motivation for this piece came from. “It was such a dismal night, the evening I put this together. I was up til dawn, drinking, smoking, crying. At least this track came out at the end of it. The melody came to me in a flash, just as I was opening the fridge for a beer.”

Shinjuku Girl steps into the darker, sonically mesmerizing soundscape of the Vector Lovers mind. Melancholic melody is apparent through the Electrospective album, but pierces through the dulled drones in this poignant track. City Lights From A Train is introduced with familiar percussive rhythms that could be the soundtrack to a locomotive running over railroad tracks until a distant but twinkling synth slides in. The powerful chords of Tokyo Glitterati grab a hold from the start, while a tough, broken beat drives a grit and determination home. Aggressive bass fizzles and rasps underneath the song making it one of the more assertive tracks on the album. Stranger Smiled At Me, one of the two exclusive tracks on the album, plays on a dreamier sound. Space and atmosphere bring a detached and celestial ambience to this albeit brief foray into the deep. Vector Lovers’ classic computer-funk style propels through Nightwalking Your Memory, telling a magical, broken story of Martin’s dystopian visions.

Warding back to a more optimistic way, Floating Point, the second of the exclusive tracks, is a delicate but provocative piece of music that builds harsh industrial tones and textures until a soft, gentle but still unnerving melody arrives coaxing us out. Neon Sky Rain, recently hosted of the Soma Coma 4 compilation, builds again in intensity through the course, and does so with grace and tact. Girl + Robot’s warped funk pushes to a heroic climax that falls perfectly into breakdown; bass a plenty fills the track thereafter to mighty effect. Kissed You By The Fountain stands out as the most self content piece on the album, but still retains just a note of unease through a ghostly choir that exits the track, epitomising Martin’s bittersweet form in music. Speaking of this bittersweet affair, it also applies to Vector Lovers choice in track names too. Rusting Cars And Wild Flowers tickles with elastic percussion that stretches behind soft and playful chords, and pushes memories of children playing in wasteland running sticks along fences. Metrolux Forever delves into the deep with an optimistic and inquisitive melody meandering through a hazy land of radio distortion and post-apocalyptic winds. The dreamy, electronic lullaby Lake Nocturne, taken from Vector Lovers’ debut album, brings Electrospective to a gentle close.

The increase in production values is striking when the originals and the 2011 re-masters are heard side-by-side. When you put this together with the two exclusive tracks on the album, it is apparent that this is a perfect review of the Vector Lovers sound. -Essential music.