To maximise their production efforts they left their families and record bags at home and uprooted their studio to a remote part of the Swiss alps for two weeks and completely absorbed themselves in their music. Lee recalls “We were locked in this lodge with an amazing view of the mountain, only going out for dinner. A nice way to be alone without any connection with our lives..”

This intensive experience gave them the opportunity to create an extraordinary collection of tracks that fit together perfectly and gives the listener a real sense of a journey. The spectacular location inspired them to draw soul from their machines. ‘As Told On The Eve Of..’ unfolds like a sonic fairytale, from the melodic opening ‘Overdrill’ to the suspense inducing ‘Little Doll Chaos Pounce Upon Option Assault Reverberation’ to the emotive and melancholic conclusion of ‘Dune’.

The artists have excelled themselves and composed a classic collection of hypnotic, alien funk that will stand the test of time. The tracks are otherworldly and at times creep like a swarm of vampire bees heading for your jugular. Singles like the forthcoming ‘Dude Bond 334’ and ‘Ultimate Desert Ambassador’ will penetrate you to your core with their infectious skeletal rhythms.

Individually these artists have been pioneering electronic music for years. Quenum co-runs the Cadenza imprint with Luciano and has a discography that spans over ten years with his Access 58 project that was released on classic UK techno label Pacific. Lee Van Dowski met Quenum through mutual friend Luciano and subsequently became production and DJ partners. Their hectic schedule has them touring consistently throughout Europe’s hottest spots.