The voodoo electro brainchild of Dave Congreve and Mark Rutherford. Their debut EP ‘Bounce Your Body To The Box’ displays their talent for producing demented machine-funk.

Dave Congreve needs no introduction, without doubt one of the UK’s finest and most respected DJ’s, he is currently the man in control at Stealth in Nottingham and prior to that the long-standing resident at Drop The Bomb. Andrew Weatherall is one of the man’s biggest fans and has conscripted him to his Haywire agency – Dave also recently supported Two Lone Swordsmen on their recent tour. It was also Andrew who pointed Dave and Mark in Soma’s direction – The Chairmain has been heavily supporting the EP off CDR and also attended the final mastering of the vinyl.

Dave and Mark are two vinyl addicts, their paths crossed amongst the racks of experimental electronica in a Soho record shop. Their mutual love of off-kilter techno and acid house led them to the studio where they have cranked out some raw and dirty floor busters.